The Sangetsu School of Flower Arranging was established on June 15, 1972 inspired by flower arrangements of Mokichi Okada (1882-1955).

The name Sangetsu means “Mountain-Moon” and it was taken from the beautiful tea-house, Sangetsu-an, that surrounds the Hakone Gardens.

Tea house, known as Sangetsu Pavilion.
Tea house, known as Sangetsu Pavilion.

Mokichi Okada was an artist, humanitarian and philosopher who believed in the great power of beauty and felt that art should be a part of our daily lives. He said that true art should uplift the soul and inspire us to greatness. He also said that nature itself is truth and if man trusted the power of nature and followed it in his daily lives he/she could find true happiness.

In  Sangetsu style the students learn to bring to life the innate beauty of flowers in the most simple and natural way. In our school we follow the principle of “Jitsu-jitsu-kyo, two parts nature (jitsu) and one part technique (kyo).”

In our classes the students experience the deep joy and peace that each flower and branch possess, they find themselves refreshed and they rediscover the harmony between themselves and the universe.